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    1. Bring transparency to the village by rebuilding relationships with the community.

    Create a forum to:

    • Inform residents of Village meetings & Committee meetings.
    • Request Village services.
    • File comments and/or complaints.

    2. Develop and launch a monthly community newsletter to keep residents and business updated and informed on village news, events and programs offered by the village.

    • Expand recreational programs.

    3. Create a pro-business committee to help streamline and expedite business development, permit processing, licensing, signage, etc.

    • Work with developers and private land owners to develop the vacant land in town.

    4. Establish a committee to obtain state and federal grants to assist in the re-development of infrastructure in River Grove. This would include the increased capacity of the Library, development of parks, building projects in the village and community outreach.

    5. Develop improved and sustained relationships with the school boards, library and Triton College along with grant funding to create a River Grove Library / Technology Center.

    6. Decrease our deficit by generating new sources of revenue.

    • Meter parking on all village-owned parking lots excluding village hall.
    • Incorporate advertising investing on village owned property.
    • Provide small business incentives to encourage small business growth.

    7. Collaboration with outside agencies to establish programs to address issues of: bullying, on-line harassment, child solicitation, domestic violence and other issues that effect our residents.

    8. Enforce zoning codes to eliminate the issue of neglected and abandoned properties.

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Election day is April, 4th 2017.

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